We specialize in the delivery of Green Fracking and Oil well stimulation services.

Electro Hydraulic or Plasma Pulse well stimulation allows Exploration and Production companies to frac their wells without using millions of gallons of water, sand, proppants and most importantly, without any chemicals. It also only requires one wireline truck and one technician to deliver the treatment. Saving E&P’s thousands of Dollars on each frac. Incredibly this new technology only uses as much energy as leaving a 100W light bulb on for 3 hours.

A typical oil well goes through 3 phases of production:

Primary             Secondary             Tertiary

Surprisingly, after the primary and secondary phases have been concluded the majority of the oil still remains in the reservoir. Sometimes this can be as much as 75%. It is this lion share of the Oil that our well stimulation service is focused upon.

With so much oil already available there seems little need to drill new wells if a way can be found to increase production economically. This is where the Oil Well Stimulation solutions come in.

Producing that oil isn’t as simple as running the kitchen faucet and watching the basin fill-up. Natural production tendencies for wells are for the oil production rates (and reservoir pressure) to be at its highest at initial production, and fall-off considerably as the well is produced. Typically, one finds oil rates declining as water production increases, driving up operations costs while revenue shrinks. This scenario continues until the well fails and/or becomes uneconomic to operate or repair.

The purpose of oil well stimulation, then, is to increase a well’s productivity by restoring oil production to original rates less normal decline, or to boost production above normal predictions on a cost effective basis.

To help achieve this increase in productivity we utilize 2 different technologies. These are Plasma Pulse and WASP.

We provide our service in one of two ways. Either on a one off fee or revenue share basis. Please contact us for further details.

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