Plasma Pulse Technology

The PPT is an environmentally friendly technology that allows producers to obtain sustained higher productivity from their wells.  The tool cleans the wells completed production intervals to change the wells inflow conditions by clearing near wellbore damage while increasing the relative mobility of hydrocarbons within the surrounding reservoir. It is relatively inexpensive to treat a well because it is deployed on standard wire line cables and the service tools and crews are mobile.



Plasma Pulse Technology Tool


The enhanced production benefits are achieved through the application of plasma physics principles. Novas Energy has created a service tool that generates high power shock waves having non-linear, broad band, repetitive pulsing and directed energy characteristics. The shock waves clean completed intervals then propagate and translate into elastic waves in the reservoir.

The introduction of elastic vibrations into natural heterogenous reservoirs initiates resonant frequencies of “Plasma Waves” that increase the relative mobility of crude oil to water.

The cleaning of the near wellbore region, increasing relative oil mobility and the generation of elastic vibrations and their resonance, continues after the well is treated with PPT and can sustain an increased production flow for periods of up to twelve (12) months or more.



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Bluesparks WASP® (Wireline Applied Stimulation Pulsing)

The technology generates repeatable, high power hydraulic pressure pulses downhole.

The repeated pulsing causes tensile failures in geomaterials, creating new flow paths and removes scale, fines, etc. that are blocking perforations, slotted liners, sand screens or gravel packs, resulting in improved inflow.

Blue Spark’s service has been performed on more than 300 wells internationally, enabling customers to realize significant and sustained improvements in production, without the risks of conventional stimulation techniques.