Bluesparks WASP® (Wireline Applied Stimulation Pulsing)

The technology generates repeatable, high power hydraulic pressure pulses downhole.

The repeated pulsing causes tensile failures in geomaterials, creating new flow paths and removes scale, fines, etc. that are blocking perforations, slotted liners, sand screens or gravel packs, resulting in improved inflow.

Blue Spark’s service has been performed on more than 300 wells internationally, enabling customers to realize significant and sustained improvements in production, without the risks of conventional stimulation techniques.

Don’t let near wellbore damage kill your production or your bottom line. Our oilfield services using WASP® technology helps keep wells alive by reconnecting you with your reservoir quickly, efficiently and safely.

WASP® is a ground breaking tool that gets right to the core of an issue with repeatable, high power hydraulic pressure pulses and shockwaves. These can enhance oil flow in new or poorly producing wells, recover reserves from non-producing wells and increase flow in injector and disposal wells.




There’s no truck convoy through people’s backyards, no work crews, and no fluids, toxins or explosives – reducing the risk chain. Our footprint is one vehicle, one technician and WASP® uses as much energy as leaving a 100W light bulb on for 3 hours.





Oil & gas applications are complete in as little as a day, and our efficiencies don’t stop there; with no wellbore preparation and few logistics to consider, we can gear up immediately saving you valuable time every turn.


Cost Effective




Less manpower, faster treatment, no downtime due to prep or logistics, no chemicals or additional clean up cost. It all adds up to a cost effective solution to restore reservoir flow.





No fluids, toxins or explosives are used. Our small on-surface electrical charge and its transmission deep down-hole is safe. WASP® works directly at the source of the issue.






Proven technology, rigorous testing and quantifiable improvements in over 300 projects for more than 50 companies.



Let’s say your wellbore is blocked – much like a jammed straw in an icy milk shake. You wouldn’t throw away your shake – you’d clear the obstruction by bursting it out. WASP® works on a similar principle using a small electrical charge to create a powerful hydraulic impulse right at the source of the problem, clearing the wellbore.

That hydraulic impulse is a high power shockwave travelling at more than 1,500 meters per second and is followed by a 10,000psi high-pressure pulse. The energy that WASP® uses is equivalent to a tablespoon of orange juice while creating a power output of 240 megawatts. One of the advantages of the WASP® technology is that we can repeat these pulses hundreds or thousands of times to get the job done – so you can get back to work and your well can get back to producing.

Whatever the application, WASP® is proven to reconnect you with your reservoir. See our six applications below and check out our case studies for each.

New Wells



Reduces formation damage caused by well construction activities, such as drilling, cementing and perforating.



Producing Wells



An alternative for ongoing maintenance of marginal wells by clearing blockages in completion equipment and perforations.



Injection Wells



Increases injectivity and reduces injection pressure.



Chemical Treatment



Improves effectiveness of chemical treatments by increasing the contact area within the targeted zones.



Scale Removal



WASP® removes insoluble scale from both upper and lower completion equipment.



Open Hole



Generates radial fractures independent of in situ stress