About Us

Jardine Oil was established to provide Green Fracking technology to the Oil and Gas Industry.  Our technology does not use any chemicals, water, sand or other proppants and thereby removes all environmental problems associated with Fracking. This new technology enhances oil flow in new or poorly producing wells, recovers reserves from non-producing wells and increases flow in injector and disposal wells.

Our team of expert Oil and Gas exploration and production specialists have over 60 years combined experience. Our chief advisor is Marc Duncan, the former Chief Operating Officer of Contango Oil and Gas, which is a NYSE listed company, where he spent over 8 years helping to increase the market capitalization from $250 million to $1.5 billion.

We use various different types of oil well stimulation dependent upon the type of well and rock formation encountered. These include Plasma Pulse and Electro-Hydraulic well stimulation solutions.  The well treatment service is delivered by a single wireline truck, one vehicle, one technician and the appropriate well stimulation tool and uses as much energy as leaving a 100W light bulb on for 3 hours.

The two technologies used have been successfully employed on over 300 oil wells since 2013, with an average increase in production of over 200%.

Wireline Truck